Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discovery's last return home...

What a morning! The rain has stopped, but because of flooding of the launch site the rocket launch has been delayed until further notice. The schedule has been adjusted today so that ALL could view Discovery's last journey home in the Digital Theatre (BIG screen). What a beautiful sight! Some of our students were interviewed by a local newspaper and others where taped for the news while completing a training mission. GREAT DAY!
On the home front, everyone has now showered at least once!!

Today 2 of our teams (Aldrin & Bean) will experience the CSI traveling exhibit and get a clue and solve a crime. Tomorrow the other 2 teams (Armstrong & Bluford) will get the same opportunity. Today's IMAX will be "The Hubble".

Many students are enjoying G-Force and Space Shot today in between the rain showers.

Everyone is having an AWESOME time!!

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  1. The discovery's landing was so happy...... yet so sad at the same time, but at least it will have a nice home at the smithsonian!