Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 1- What are we doing now??

Lunch is over...chicken sandwiches, green beans, rice....followed by yummy ice cream! We just finished Skyping Potter Gray. STLP members were able to do a recorded message for their Prezi along with some students talked to their parents who were in the school.

Weather today is better.

The Aldrin team (Diane, Morgan, Chloe, Zach, Gabby, Amber, Shea, Jake, Noah, Ben, Matthew, Jackson, Macy, & Ashley) just went to do script practice. They are doing their Discovery Alpha Mission at 2 pm.

The Armstrong team (Hailey Beth, Michael, Madison, Kyle, Haley, Brooke, Parker, Mariah, Grace, Rachel, King, Eli, Cameron & Natalie) just left to go build their rocket that will be launched on Wednesday.

The Bean team (Abi, Meredith, Maxwell, Max, Nathan, Emma, Nicholas, Halle, Olivia, Vladimir, Bailee, Alexa, Chapel and Mills) are at the 1/6 th

The Bluford team (Zoie, Brooks, Cheyenne, Colin, Tayton, Elise, Jared, Emma, Clay, Darby, Zayleah, Emmi, & Brelynn) just left to do their Discovery Alpha training and find out what their posistions are.

All in all a great afternoon.

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